What is MeYu?

MeYu is a messaging platform focused on delivering you messages and information from people and sources that you choose without ads and without anyone looking at your data. You can access MeYu and messages from any desktop or mobile browser. No app is required. We also offer MeYu mobile a device that only receives messages from your MeYu account.

Do I need a phone?

No. You do not need a phone to use MeYu. It works on any device with a web browser.

Is MeYu free?

No there is a small monthly fee. You are the customer, not the product.

Is MeYu a social network?

No. There is no social aspect to MeYu. No friends, likes, groups, or sharing. Only your messages from your designated contacts and sources will ever appear on your feed.

Is my data really private and safe?

Absolutely! Security and privacy are our core. MeYu is designed to give you total control of your data. We simply act as a gateway. We don't collect your data. We don't sell your data. We don't analyze your data. We don't send ads on your data. We can't even look at your data.

What about ads?

You will never see an ad on MeYu.

Are there Apps?

No. There is no MeYu app. Part of being secure and private is not being reliant on Apple or Google. Everything looks great on our mobile website. You shouldn't have to be constantly updating an app to get messages.

How do you send a message?

You go to our secure web page from any device.

Who can send me a message?

If MeYu is set to public anyone with your MeYu ID# can send you a message. If your MeYu is set to private only your assigned sources can send you a message. You can receive text, photos and videos. You can also disable media and links if you prefer.

How do I reply to a message?

Anyway you want, or not at all. MeYu isn't email or texting. It was designed for you to GET messages and info from trusted sources. If a personal message needs an immediate respond anyway you want. Hopefully it's a MeYu message.

What about my other messaging accounts?

MeYu works with any other platform with an API. For instance if you want to get notified of Slack or Teams messages along with personal messages.

What is the MeYu Mobile device?

The MeYu Mobile device is a small messaging device that is connected to your MeYu account. You can receive messages on it without them going to your phone, computer or other personal accounts or devices. You do not need the device to use the MeYu service. It is for people who want the ultimate in security and exclusivity. It only retrieves your personal messages, texts, and photos. No other apps are on the device.

When can I get a MeYu account?

MeYu is in private testing right now. It should be available to the general public in second half of 2020.