The MeYu Platform

MeYu is a secure, scalable IoT platform that includes secure personal and enterprise messaging. We help companies easily build secure devices for messaging, collaboration, and other applications. From doorbells to video conferencing, we provide turnkey solutions for IoT devices.

Any device, any manufacturer if it’s running MeYu your data is safe.

  • No phone required.
  • No apps on device.
  • Secure E2EE encryption.
  • No mic, no camera,
  • No GPS or tracking.
  • No data collection.
  • No advertising of any kind.
  • Connects to web APIs
  • Subscribe to rss feeds.
  • Web/Mobile control panel.
  • Slack,Teams,Twitter Integration.
  • User controls who can send.
  • User control of device and data.
  • Send messages from any device or app.