What is a MeYu?

MeYu is a family of internet connected devices focused on delivering you messages and information from people and sources you define without ads or anyone looking at your data.

Why can't I respond to a message?

80% of messages don't require a response. MeYu was designed for you to GET information from your trusted sources without any interference.

Is my data really private and safe?

MeYu is designed to give you total control of your data. We simply act as a gateway. We don't collect your data. We don't sell your data. We don't analyze your data. We don't send ads on your data. We never look at your data, in fact we can't even see your data. It's completely encrypted.

What about ads?

You will never see an ad on a MeYu device.

Do I need a phone?

No. You do not need a phone to use a MeYu.

Who can send me a message?

If your MeYu is set to public anyone with your device ID# can send you a message.
If your MeYu is set to private only your assigned sources can send you a message.

Can I get other things on a MeYu?

You can subscribe to any source with an RSS feed. You can also download content packs from us which are stored on your device.

What kind of messages can I receive?

MeYu Mobile receives text messages only. Our other devices will handle other media types as well.

How do I manage my messages?

You manage all your settings via the web.

What do I do if I lose my MeYu?

Login and disable your MeYu on any computer or phone.

When can I get a MeYu?

MeYu's are in testing right now and should be available to the general public in second half of 2020.