Smartphones have gone the wrong way. MeYu is a simple, personal device that brings you only the messages you need to see, from the people you trust to send them. Free from the clutter, complexity and endless interruptions of a smartphone, MeYu ensures that people who truly want to stay in touch can send and receive messages privately and reliably.

  • No phone required.
  • Fits on keychain or backpack
  • Text messages only.
  • Only designated senders can send to designated devices.
  • Complete privacy.
  • No notifications or interruptions.
  • No ads, ever.
  • No mic, no camera, no GPS.
  • Full encryption.
  • Even we can’t read your messages.
  • Week long battery life. USB charging.
  • Message stays on screen even if the battery runs out.
  • Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth.




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