MeYu is a platform of turnkey secure edge hardware and cloud software that MeYu and others can use to build private and secure devices that users can trust.  “MeYu” labelling of products and services guarantees privacy and accountability. MeYu is a privacy by design platform.

  • Designed and built for large-scale consumer and enterprise deployment.
  • Edge hardware and cloud software components.
  • Guaranteed no spyware, no PII collection.
  • Certification for IoT devices & services that use our components and meet our standards. 
  • Physical device protections built into the hardware, premium hardening available.
  • Turnkey data transmission APIs, optional end-to-end encryption (E2EE).
  • Compliance ensured and enforced.
  • No black-box or proprietary technology risks.
  • Simple low cost device.
  • MeYu messages only go to the designated MeYu device(s).
  • No mic, No camera, No GPS.
  • No Apps, No software on device.
  • One way communication.
  • No phone required.
  • No email setup.
  • No outbound transmission of data from the device.
  • Messages are encrypted and even we can’t decrypt them.
  • Messages aren’t stored on our servers.
  • Control and access of data in company hands at both ends.
  • 1 to 1,000,000 instant secure messaging.