Our phones have led us astray. Once meant for personal, reliable communication, they’ve become complicated, cluttered, constant interruptions in our lives. They’re intentionally made more disruptive and addictive. The messages that matter most go unfound and unread. Lost in the storm.

Ads targeted by AI. Personal data scraped and shared behind our backs. Hack attacks that steal what we hold private. Constant interruptions with information you don’t need.  And every so often, a message meant from one heart to another spills onto a heartless Internet.

  • No phone required.
  • Fits on keychain or backpack.
  • Text messages only.
  • Easy to read e-ink screen.
  • Only designated senders can send to designated devices.
  • Full encryption.
  • Even we can’t read your messages.
  • No mic, no camera, no GPS.
  • No data collection at all.
  • No ads, ever.
  • Incredible battery life.
  • Cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Message stays on screen even if the battery runs out.